An Improved model for OKP product planning stage in a cloud-based design environment

Farzaneh Shabani, Sara Najafzadeh, Mehrdad Maeen


Nowadays, in the software world, cloud computing has great importance. This massive network has reduced the cost of software for users, but has risen in revenue from manufacturers, the products of the one-of-a-kind (OKP) companies are cloud-based, and customers access the software through the cloud, In this architecture, the company places part of the software that is expensive and does not have the ability to buy for the cloud on cloud servers, and users can connect with the cloud to the cloud using this software, But since the number of users is greater than the number of servers, they must run a scheduling mechanism to execute requests, We present a timing system for OKP products in this paper, compared with two other methods, the simulation results show the superiority of the proposed method.


software production, one-of-a-kind products, customization, cloud environment, scheduling

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